David Gould Memorial Tennis Tournament

Thank you to everyone who played in the tournament and contributed to the Lustagrten Foundation in honor of David Gould.


About the Tournament

David Gould was a longtime member of Armonk Tennis Club, playing nearly every morning with the Early Birds. He died in May 2017 from pancreatic cancer. In honor of David, who was known at the club as "The Mayor" due to his gracious and outgoing nature, the David Gould Memorial Tennis Tournament is held to fight pancreatic cancer while playing the sport he loved.

The Cause

Pancreatic cancer is the fourth most frequent cause of cancer death. The Lustgarten Foundation works to advance the scientific and medical research related to the diagnosis, treatment, cure and prevention of pancreatic cancer by:

  • Increasing funding and support of research into the biological mechanisms and clinical strategies related to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of pancreatic cancer
  • Facilitating and enhancing the dialogue among members of the medical and scientific communities about basic and clinical research efforts that relate to pancreatic cancer
  • Heightening public awareness of pancreatic cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention and providing informational support for pancreatic cancer patients, their families, and friends

David Gould Memorial Tennis Tournament
Lustgarten Foundation